Need-Based Requirements

The Honors, Performance, Opportunity, and Provisional levels of the Hathaway Scholarship are Merit-Based, meaning that the levels are awarded based on student performance.

Students who need additional financial assistance may qualify for an additional Need-Based component, which supplements the Merit-Based components.

Unmet Need Amount used to determine need-based scholarship

  1. Start with the institution’s general cost of attendance before adjustments
  2. Subtract from COA, the Estimated Family Contribution determined by FAFSA
  3. Subtract Hathaway Merit Award
  4. Subtract any other grants or scholarships given to the student
  5. Subtract $2,000 Hathaway Scholarship required student commitment
  6. The final number is used to determine unmet need

For Performance, Opportunity and Provisional Opportunity scholarship levels, the amount awarded will be 25% of the annual unmet need or up to $1,575 annually. Honor level recipients will be awarded 100% of unmet need.

To see examples of how these may be calculated, click here. (PDF)

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