Middle School


College can be expensive and it may take years of planning to find the school that’s the right fit and the right cost for you, so it’s never too early to start saving for college! All the work you’ll put in planning and studying really does pay off because a college education means a higher salary after graduation. So start thinking about it and planning for it now!


HB120 Success Curriculum in Middle School allows approved Hathaway courses to be taken prior to ninth grade.

7th grade students:

  • Improve your reading, writing, and math skills and take Algebra 1 or a foreign language class in 8th grade.
  • Work for A’s and B’s and join a school club or athletic team.
  • Participate in a GEAR UP program.
  • Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs helps 7th-12th grade income-eligible students prepare for college.
  • Talk to your parents about a 529 college savings plan (A 529 plan is sponsored by states, state agencies, or educational institutions, and can help you start saving for college early).
  • Ask your counselor what courses you can take to use for your Hathaway Scholarship.

8th grade students:

  • Keep your grades up to prepare for high school courses.
  • Ask your counselor what courses you need to take for your Hathaway Scholarship.
  • Attend a community or school workshop on how to pay for college.
  • Talk to family, friends, and teachers about your college plans and ask questions to discover what may be right for you!


Do you like to be outdoors? Do you like to read and write? Would you rather build things with your hands? Think about what you like to do and find out if there’s a way to turn it into a career at one of Wyoming’s seven state schools!

For more information about planning for college, check out the video below!

Questions about the Hathaway Scholarship?

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