General Questions

Does the state of Wyoming offer any other scholarships other than the Hathaway Scholarship?
Do I have to be a degree-seeking student to receive my Hathaway Scholarship?
Do I need to apply for the FAFSA to be eligible for the Hathaway Scholarship?
I plan to take my first year after high school to travel, work, or take classes from an out-of-state college, will I still qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship when I get back?
Do I have to pay taxes or claim the Hathaway Scholarship on my taxes?
What’s the Wyoming residency requirement?
I graduated from high school on May 27, 2012 and did not use my Hathaway Scholarship. Am I able to still claim my Hathaway Scholarship?
For the Honors and Performance levels of the Hathaway Scholarship, how many years of foreign language do I have to take?
Can I take one year of fine arts and one year of career vocational and satisfy the requirements?
For Opportunity and Provisional Opportunity Hathaway Scholarships, if I choose to study a foreign language, do the foreign language courses need to be sequenced?

Hathaway Success Curriculum

I just graduated from high school and I am a few credits short for Hathaway, but plan to retake those credits this summer. Can I still qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship?
Does the Hathaway Success Curriculum allow for college courses?
Can I take a course after high school graduation to meet Hathaway requirements?
Can I test out of a course and have it fill a Hathaway Scholarship eligibility requirement?


If I am a senior and I graduate from high school on May 31 and want to attend college in the fall, can I take the ACT again in June and will that score be accepted?

College Questions

Will the Hathaway Scholarship pay for remedial courses?
Who do I contact to receive my Hathaway Scholarship?
I have the Honors level scholarship but failed to maintain a 2.5 GPA during my first semester in college. My current GPA is 2.32, can I receive the Opportunity level scholarship while I work to get my GPA back up to a 2.5?
Can I use my Hathaway Scholarship to earn a certificate at a Wyoming community college?
If I have a better GPA in college, will I be eligible for a higher Hathaway Scholarship?
Can the Hathaway Scholarship be used for the summer semester?
Can I use my Hathaway Scholarship for graduate credits at the University of Wyoming?

Home Schoolers

What are the Hathaway Scholarship Application Requirements for Home Schoolers?

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