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About the Scholarship

“We must all work together to build a better Wyoming.”

– Governor Stanley Hathaway


In 1974, governor Stanley Hathaway created the Wyoming Permanent Mineral Trust Fund. This income supports state government operations, which includes higher education.

In 2005, lawmakers created the Hathaway Scholarship Program using the Permanent Mineral Trust Fund. This scholarship is for qualified for students who graduate from high school in Wyoming and want to attend the University of Wyoming, or one of the state’s 7 community colleges.

What does it do?

The Hathaway Scholarship helps students attend college by helping to pay for tuition. It can be used at the University of Wyoming or at any of the Wyoming’s Community Colleges. There are four tiers of the Scholarship:

Hathaway Scholarship Requirements

Every Wyoming middle and high school student is automatically eligible for the Hathaway Scholarship, but they must maintain certain GPA scores and meet certain class requirements throughout high school in order to graduate with it. You can find the specifics here.

Why is the state paying for college?

It’s all about the economy. The scholarship is funded by the Wyoming Permanent Mineral Trust Fund. Wyoming has no state income tax, which means that your tax dollars are not actually going into the scholarship – unless you own an oil or gas company. This small investment at the beginning of a college student’s career will have major positive returns for Wyoming’s economic future.


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If you have any questions about the above requirements, contact your school counselor or the Hathaway Scholarship Program today.