College Eligibility Requirements

Maintaining College Eligibility Requirements

All Hathaway students must maintain the three requirements below. PDF version can be found here.

Hathaway College GPA

  • Provisional Opportunity: 2.25
  • Opportunity: 2.25
  • Performance / Honor: 2.50*

A student who drops below a 2.50 but has at least a 2.25 may receive the Opportunity scholarship level until a GPA of at least 2.50 is achieved. Once a student reaches the appropriate GPA, he/she is eligible to regain the Hathaway Scholarship.


  • A student must enroll in school every fall and spring semester after initiation. Failing to enroll in one of these semesters, will result in loss of eligibility.
  • A summer term may not be used to regain continuous enrollment.


  • A student must enroll and complete at least six (6) non-remedial credits if attending part-time or twelve (12) non-remedial credits if attending full-time each semester.

Regaining Scholarship

Students may be eligible to regain the Scholarship. Contact the Hathaway Coordinator at the college for details on how to regain your scholarship.

Please note: Hathaway Scholarship money will not fund semesters spent regaining eligibility.


If you have any questions about the above requirements, contact the Hathaway Team or your school counselor today.