Seniors Planning for College


  • Attend college funding workshops and make sure you’re on track to wrap up all the classes you’ll need for the Hathaway Scholarship.
  • Check to see if the college you plan to attend has a Hathaway Scholarship application to complete.


  • You can take the ACT again as a senior – the better you score, the more financial help will be available to you.
  • Work with your school counselor to make a senior checklist for high school graduation and college enrollment.
  • Choose a college! Some schools, such as UW, require confirmation by May 1.
  • Visit the college you’re interested in with your family if you haven’t already.
  • Apply for scholarships using scholarship search sites like Fastweb.
  • Talk to your school counselor and parents about creating a college budget – know how much money you have to pay for the college you want to attend.
  • Plan for housing and meals at school and sign up for the plans you need.
  • Attend college orientation in the summer after you graduate from high school


Get an internship or find a career mentor who works in the field you’re interested in pursuing. Be open to learning and exploring your future options when you get to school.