“We must all work together to build a better Wyoming.”

– Governor Stanley Hathaway


The Hathaway Scholarship was established to help Wyoming’s students prepare for and pursue their post-secondary education in the state.

The scholarship has its roots in Governor Stanley Hathaway’s 1974 decision to create the state of Wyoming Permanent Mineral Trust Fund. The fund’s income would support state government operations – including higher education in Wyoming.

In 2005, state lawmakers created a scholarship fund with a $400 million permanent endowment, whose income funds scholarships for qualified Wyoming high school graduates to attend the University of Wyoming or any of the state’s seven community colleges. They honored Hathaway’s many contributions to the state and accomplishments by naming the scholarship program for him.

The Hathaway Scholarship program has turned Governor Hathaway’s dream of building a better Wyoming into a reality by making attending college possible through merit- and need-based scholarships for qualified Wyoming high school graduates.

How it Works

Hathaway Makes College Possible

Hathaway offers four individual scholarships, and a need-based scholarship that can supplement these merit-based awards. Thousands of students have used the Hathaway Scholarship to help make college a reality. The award you can get:

Hathaway Scholarship Requirements

How does it work? Every Wyoming middle and high school student is automatically eligible for the Hathaway Scholarship. By maintaining a certain GPA, test scores, and class requirements throughout high school, students have the opportunity to graduate with the Hathaway Scholarship. They can use their Hathaway Scholarship to pay for tuition at the University of Wyoming or a Wyoming community college.

Why Hathaway?

An educated Wyoming is a stronger Wyoming, and we believe that promoting student success is vital to their achievement. We understand that an investment in our students is an investment in Wyoming’s future.


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